My name is Stephen Eke. I have quite a lot of varied interests and this blog simply seeks to create a platform for me to explore and express my views on them…from writing,to Linux and open source software, to computing,to politics and then my favorite God’s love for us.

This will be just a blog that shall cut across all these topics. And yeah!!! I know “best practice” suggests I focus on a topic but noting keeps me from doing d opposite…

Accessing these varied topics is quite easy. as i have separated them into categories…so if Ur here just to look at my poems, or whatever random thing i blog on without wasting time…going over my blog post by post u can simply search for the category and read and comment on them (very important)

Plus sometimes I get carried away and get usurped in a particular random interest.I shall of course… Tell it to both interested and uninterested parties…yes I said that

Feel free to comment,negative,positive,sarcastic,outrageous,e.t.c. Whatever ur comments are I shall just joy in the fact that at least u took time to see ma work… please and please just drop a line……

God bless you as u do so

Your Favorite
Uncle Stephen


One response to “READ THIS.

  1. Solomon

    June 9, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    D wil uphold u frm creatin ur own press 1 luv


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