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Uncle Stephen is an award winning, best selling writer,whose humorous works have been acclaimed worldwide and published on various platforms around the internet. He is happily married with three children, and spends his free time writing in his 5 bedroomed mansion in the carribeans. **WAKES UP FROM DREAM** This Village People sef....


No vacancy….
Two words I’ve come 2 dread
Now indellibly engraved in ma head
Cos numerous times 2 me its been said

I shine my shoes till they mirror my face
Check n make sure all ma “kpali” are in place
Bt as I approach ma destination.I notice a reflex reduction in pace
Cos written boldly there again
Is NO VACANCY,all in upper case….

I’m nw a biological map of lagos
Looking 4 any street on da island?? Ask me I’ll put u on course
Unwanted skills learnt from trekkin round dis town..with an enthusiastic pulse…
Only 2 end ma day with
NO VACANCY and an empty purse…

I know ma shoe itself is tired
But I shall keep aflame hope’s fire
Till d day I shall hear your hired
Instead of this NO VACANCY “sir”….

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Posted by on June 11, 2012 in Poems